The property packages include the tenement, the data and the targeting ideas. You benefit from my extensive experience. Commodities include lithium, gold, cobalt, vanadium, tin….and more.

Large complex dolerite sill in Proterozoic sequence, at the edge of the Archean Yilgarn block. Very high copper anomalism, 471ppm, in stream sediment sample and zone of cobalt/copper anomalies in regolith.

Archean Yilgarn Block Mafic-ultramafic complex, nearby drilling 4m @1.4%Ni, 2%Cr 0.11%Co 36ppb Pt+Pd.
Untested Co anomalism, favourable hyperspectral signatures.

Gossan with 1.22%Ni and 0.13%Co, interpreted to lie in an unexplored mineralised layer at least 5km long, within a layered mafic-ultramafic complex.

Co in regolith to a very high 311ppm, Ni to 171ppm, indicates highly prospective fertile host rocks.

Extraordinarily high vanadium in one regolith sample: 3527ppm (0.3%), with 6% TiO2!

A neglected underexplored highly prospective part of the Lennard Shelf, surrounded by major MVT deposits.
Highly anomalous stream sediment soil geochem.
Focussed target areas, which are mostly undrilled.

Virtually unexplored highly prospective part of Lennard Shelf, hosting major MVT deposits.

Adjacent to the Fossil Downs deposit of 2.15Mt @ 9.5% Zn, 2.1% Pb, 50g/t Ag.

Highly anomalous soil geochem enables immediate drill targeting.

One of the largest fluorite skarn deposits in the world.

24.6Mt at 16%CaF2, 0.1%WO3, 0.1%Sn and 17.2% Fe, JORC inferred.

Lithium, Tin. Many known tin mineralised greisen bodies, with lithia micas. Analogous to Cinovec. Past producing tin field, very underexplored for tin.


Very highly anomalous lithium in bore water, thought to reflect Li minerals in pegmatites nearby. A new Goldfields target.


Lies within a newly recognized mafic complex – the Grass Patch Complex- separated from the Fraser Range, and has a comparable gravity and magnetic signature. Gravity data is newly released.

Defined tin deposits, accessory gold and sapphires, in open pittable paleochannels, with JORC Resources. Several historically mined deposits. Vast database.

Potential shallow readily dredgeable lateritic/ residual /pisolitic iron ores, derived from weathering of underlying Banded Iron Formation on a former land surface. Superb Pilbara location, Dredge it up, straight onto a ship, then export. Cheap to mine. Almost no infrastructure required. Short lead time to develop. Simple exploration could yield huge rewards; a dramatically leveraged exploration play opportunity.

This gold (and base metal, Cu-Pb-Zn) project, with gold anomalies already identified, lies within the part of the Proterozoic Albany Fraser Belt where the recently discovered Tropicana gold deposit occurs. An extraordinary new gold district.