Cobalt Copper Nickel REE Titanium Vanadium

Co, Ni, Cu and an extraordinary list of elements are anomalous in recent geochem survey.
Impressive high vanadium in one sample: 3527ppm (0.3%), with 6% TiO2!
Area highlighted for Ni sulfide deposits by the Centre of Exploration Targeting, UWA.

High order cobalt anomalies in recently released Geological Survey WA (GSWA) regolith sampling. The highest anomalies in their W Kimberley sampling.

Coincident high Ni and Cu anomalies.

Co to a very high 311ppm, Ni to 171ppm, indicates highly prospective fertile host rocks.

Exceptionally high vanadium in one sample:  3527ppm (0.3%), with 6% TiO2! This is near “ore” grade. If this material it is extensive, a potentially economic V-Ti deposit may be able to be delineated very quickly.

Extraordinary coincident high Li, Au, Pd, Pt, Cu, Zn, Te, Ga, Ge, Sc, Y, Ce, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, anomalies!  A plethora of Battery Minerals.

Hart Dolerite host. A regionally extensive Proterozoic sill complex. In the East Kimberley hosts V Ti mineralisation.

Intersection of major crustal faults- locus for fluid transport and mineral deposition.

Area highlighted as highly prospective for Ni sulfide deposits in a scientifically sophisticated recent study by the Centre of Exploration Targeting, University of Western Australia.