Gold Sapphires Tin Tungsten

Defined tin deposits, accessory gold and sapphires, in open pittable paleochannels, with JORC Resources. Several historically mined deposits. Vast database.

  • Several past producing placer tin mines including PIONEER, ENDURANCE, MONARCH, and SCOTIA, each with unmined defined resources. By-product gold and sapphire.
  • Open pittable paleochannel deposits. The resources are not in or next to current rivers and streams- thus are not environmentally unacceptable for mining.
  • Owned by Tin Dragon Pty Ltd, a company owned by J Stewart and P Askins.
  • For fuller summary information visit the Tin Dragon website.

Exploration Licence

One Exploration Licence encompass the deposits in the Pioneer, Endurance, Monarch, and Scotia areas.


Paleochannel deposits of Eocene to recent age, with cassiterite and accessory gold and sapphires. The source of the cassiterite must be in the unexplored poorly exposed basement, which consists of the roof zone of a multiple intrusive Devonian granite emplaced into Silurian metasediments.


Far NE Tasmania, close to towns, ports, workforce, power and water.